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With over 10 years of experience, our experts know Amazon’s refund policies in and out, in addition to our cutting-edge software, we continuously follow up on EVERY SINGLE claim to get your money back from Amazon.

Here Are Just A Few Things That Sets Us
Apart From The Rest!

We Consistently Get More Money Back In Reimbursements For Our Clients Than Any Of Our Competitors
The consensus among of our clients is that we’ve gotten them back significantly more money than the other reimbursement companies they’ve worked with.
We Commit More Time And Effort To Following Up With Amazon Than Any Of Our Competitors
Often times, after a reimbursement case is submitted, Amazon will deny the case, but we don’t just move on to the next case, leaving your money in Amazon’s hands. We reopen the case, follow up, and oftentimes call Amazon directly, fighting for your money!
We Follow Up On Cases By Email, Multiple Times
All other companies either don’t follow up, or follow up strictly by email. If emailing doesn’t work for us, On top, with changed it to spending more time on follow ups than anyone else.
We Deliver A Higher Percentage of Accepted Reimbursement
Because of our deep understanding of the selling process, combined with our diligent follow up method, we average an acceptance rate of over 92% for our case creations!
More Reimbursement Categories Than Any Our Competitors
Because of how well we understand the reimbursement process, and the areas where reimbursements may be found, we find and argue across more reasons why Amazon owes you money than any of our competitors.
Seller Fulfilled Prime Reimbursements
Not only do we get you reimbursements for FBA inventory and orders, but we also get you money back for your FBM orders as well!
We Provide a Personalized Experience
Each account we work with is prioritized and given a customized business plan, tailored specifically to you. We work with you to maximize your business potential and to strengthen your Amazon Seller account. We know the ins-and-outs of Amazon and will offer any business knowledge to you at no additional cost.
Our Clients are our Priority
One of the most important services we offer to our clients is Customer Service. Our top company executives will ensure the quality of your claims consistently and are easily accessible. With our technology and expertise, we can ensure your satisfied with the service you are provided and if not, we will always make it right.

These are just a fraction of ways you’re being overcharged without realizing it!

Below are over 20 different ways and many more categories you’re missing out on money that we can help recover for you:

Amazon loses your inventory after receiving it in their fulfillment center.
Amazon damages your inventory after receiving it in the fulfillment center.
Amazon disposes of your inventory without your consent.
While using Amazon’s partnered carrier, your inventory gets lost in transit and doesn’t make it to Amazon’s fulfillment center.
While using Amazon’s partnered carrier, your inventory gets damaged in transit.
Customer is refunded for a return but never actually returns the item, and Amazon failed to reimburse the seller after 45 days.
Amazon debits your account an unauthorized chargeback and never credits you back.
FBA orders that were returned after 30 days, for which Amazon owes you a 20% restocking fee.
Amazon fulfills your order, and the carrier damages your item in transit to the customer.
Confirming all returned inventory has been returned.
Customer returns the wrong item.
Amazon refunds the customer for a returned item that was returned after 45 days.
Seller is overcharged for the referral fee.
Seller is overcharged for pick & pack and order handling fees.
Seller is overcharged for storage fees.
Inventory was damaged upon removal order.
Inventory never received after removal order was made.
Amazon removes extra units from your account, and we get back the fees associated with it.
Customer returns an item and receives a larger refund than what he originally paid, which the seller is charged for.
Confirming all approved reimbursements have been reimbursed to its fullest extent.
And many more.

Why do people Love Reimbursement Genie

Sam T.
I the past year I used other services who missed out on over $75,000 on cases they were ''supposed'' to cover. Reimbursement Genie recovered it in a timely fashion and continues to do so. Very happy with the service. Definitely Recommend.
Steven F.
The service of this company is unbeatable. I honestly don't know what I would be doing without them. No work needs to be done on my end. they do all the work and I receive money.
Marc A.
Great service, and even better results! They got me back over 25K in the past 18 months and I signed up about 3 months ago. WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!!
Ari S.
Excellent company to work with. Easy setup, great service, they do all the work for you! You have better things to do than chase after Amazon for lost or damaged items. Let Reimbursement Genie do it for you so you can focus on growing your business.
Matt B.
I have been an Amazon FBA seller for years. I never had the time or skills to track all the claims and overlooked refunds. I signed up for Reimbursement Genie, and the process was quick and seamless. They were able to go back 18 months into my Amazon account and obtain over $15000 for me. I am very impressed with their performance. I'm really happy that I found them.
Ari M.
Amazing! I did no work and got $6500 back on the first pay period. I honestly don’t have time, energy and enough knowledge to open the cases myself and this service is just free money. It’s great!
Ben H.
If I was able to give 10 stars I would !!! Customer service is on top of everything and always making sure all questions are answered and explained. Their software is amazing. I didn't think I would be getting all this money Back. If you have lost inventory or damaged inventory this is the #1 software to get reimbursed for everything your owed.
David Y.
If you are selling on Amazon you should be signed up. They are a great company and can save you lots of money. They are professional and always there when needed.
Sam K.
Awesome company and service. They make sure my company isn't getting overcharged in fees by Amazon FBA. Their customer service is great and responsiveness is very quick. I can trust that Reimbursement Genie is doing the job correctly and that is awesome to feel as a client of any business!
Tommy S.
Since day one, I have loved the platform to run my business. The support is incredible. They are always available to answer your questions. It's super lovely to talk to someone in person and not a robot. You get assigned a support team, which I love!
Chad K.
Remarkable company with great customer service which is really hard to find now-a-days. Anytime I have had a question regarding any topic, within 24 (if not instantly), they were able to answer. Definitely check them out!
David D.
I got referred to this company from a friend and honestly it was the best move I made. they got me back so much money and they are there for me when ever I need. Thank you for the amazing work !!
Eric H.
Great company and great team. Owner is hands on and delivering us great results.
Abbo Z.
great guys to work with got me back a lot of $$ best service!
Avihu E.
Professional team and great results!
Happy clients
($)Money Saved!

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