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How We Go About Recovering Your Money!

There are numerous ways Amazon is taking more than their fair share of your money.

Has it ever happened where you have created a shipment in Seller Central to send 500 widgets to Amazon’s fulfillment Center, only to see that Amazon has only received 450 widgets?

Well guess what? You could be the victim of Amazon losing your inventory and may be entitled to a reimbursement.

Did you know that whether you sell FBA or FBM, if a customer returns an item after 30 days, you are entitled to a 20% restocking fee? I’m pretty sure you’re charging your customers that restocking fee for your FBM sales. But how about FBA?

Does Amazon charge those same restocking fees, and do they give you the money? The answer is no they don’t. Not only don’t they charge the restocking fee, they also don’t give you that money, which is something you’re entitled to.

When you send your inventory to Amazon, and Amazon fulfills your orders, Amazon charges you fulfillment costs based on the weight and dimensions of the item that’s sold.

Did you know that there are times Amazon miscalculates the weight and size of your item and overcharges you? You shouldn’t have to pay those extra costs and should be reimbursed for the extra charges.