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There are no limitations as to who we can help. If you are a third party Amazon seller, whether your entire business is all FBA, or whether your entire business is all FBM, we can help you recover reimbursements that are owed to you.

There are no upfront costs to you. We get paid when you do, and we charge a percentage, dependent on the plan you select of the money we get back for you.

Yes. You can do as many of your own reimbursements as you want, and we will only charge you for the reimbursements we have done.

We can go back up to 18 months for most Amazon claims.

Absolutely! We tailor your business plan to your specific needs and the categories you want us to work on. We also can work directly with your in-house team to help teach them how to win claims more efficiently and can work on claims that they may have missed or lost.

Absolutely, you can start off with any of the plans we offer, and we will be happy to adjust it to your specific business needs.

Get your Money back from Amazon!